History of BHW

From civil servants' home savings association to Postbank's mortgage lender


“BHW – Postbank's mortgage lender”

BHW becomes part of the Postbank Group and begins trading as “BHW – Postbank's mortgage lender”.


Postbank acquires majority of shares in BHW

Postbank acquires the majority of shares in BHW from previous major shareholders BGAG and BAW.


More than one million home savings contracts concluded in one year

More than one million BHW home savings contracts concluded in a single year for the first time. Existing contract volume grows to more than €100 billion. BHW has almost 4.5 million customers across the world - around 1 million of whom are located abroad.


Company's 75-year anniversary

BHW celebrates its 75-year company anniversary. With “FinanzBeratung Plus®”, BHW will offer lifelong advice on all financial matters in future. The establishment of the BHW pension fund positions the Group in the growth market of occupational pensions.


Start-up of BHW Invest GmbH headquartered in Frankfurt

BHW Invest GmbH, with head offices in Frankfurt, begins operation. The joint venture serves as a platform for the sale of BHW's own publicly offered funds and occupational pension products.


Positioning of the BHW Group as “Your Finance Partner” in the market for private pension provisions

The BHW Group positions itself as “Your Finance Partner” in the market for private pension provisions.


Initial public offering of BHW Holding AG

Successful stock market flotation of BHW Holding AG


Founding of a home loan and savings association in Czech Republic

BHW founds home loan and savings association in the Czech Republic together with Czech partner.


Founding of BHW Holding GmbH

BHW Holding GmbH set up as Group holding company. BHW becomes modern multi-finance provider following establishment of BHW Lebensversicherung AG in 1991.


Launch of DISPO 2000 simplifies saving for a home

BHW's DISPO 2000 makes saving for a home significantly easier. Savers now have much more flexible savings contracts.


Founding of BHW Immobilien GmbH

BHW Immobilien GmbH established. Sells property and owner-occupied homes across Germany.


Opening for the general market

BHW opens up to the general market. The BHW home loans and savings association now has more than two million public service customers.


Founding of BHW Bank AG

BHW Bank AG established. BHW can thus provide its customers with pre-financing and bridging finance for the first time.


Company's 50-year anniversary

BHW celebrates 50-year company anniversary. Building extension completed in same year. More than 3,000 employees now work in the head office in Hameln.


Construction of 500,000th home using BHW funds

BHW manages total home savings funds of more than
DM 29 billion. Around 500,000 homes have now been built using BHW funds.


Laying of foundation stone for company's new head office

Groundbreaking ceremony for company's new head office, which is occupied in 1971.


Foundation of BHW branches in Luxembourg and Brussels

Following a year of negotiations with the European Economic Community (EEC), the home loan and savings association follows Europe's civil servants to Luxembourg and Brussels.


Management of total home savings of DM six billion

BHW manages total home savings funds of DM six billion which are invested in well in excess of 300,000 home savings contracts.


Provision of advice to 26,000 home savers

BHW starts to grow as the German economic miracle takes shape and now has 26,000 home savers. More than 100,000 contracts signed in the first four years of business alone.


Relocation of BHW's main administration center to Hameln

Following the end of the second world war, the Allies put BHW in the hands of a trustee. In 1947 BHW's main management center is relocated from Berlin to Hameln. The new shareholders are the civil servant organization of the German Confederation of Trade Unions and the German Civil Service Federation.


Founding of civil servants' home loans and savings association fund, Heimstättengesellschaft mbH headquartered in Berlin

The civil servants' home loans and savings association, Heimstättengesellschaft mbH, headquartered in Berlin, is set up. And BHW is born.