Were you unsatisfied with Postbank services? Do you want to make a complaint, for example, about the execution of a transfer? Then please let us know about it. We will do our best to clear up the problem as quickly as possible:

  • Call Postbank Direct Service
    +49 228 5500 5500     or
  • Postbank Business Center (business customers):
    +49 228 5500 4400 Mon to Sat 8-21    or
  • Simply write to the Postbank. Use the blue checking account envelop and so there is no postage charge for you (only in Germany).

We assure you, we will do everything that you will soon again be one of our satisfied customers. Should in an individual case agreement not be reached, you can also contact the customer complaint office of the Association of German Banks at:

Ombudsman for Private Banks
Association of German Banks
Post Box 04 03 07

10062 Berlin


Please send your complaint in writing to the Ombudsman for Private Banks. He implements the process. Please describe the facts in brief and include documentation necessary for examining and understanding the facts.
As a tool to make your work easier, the Association of German Banks provides a form in PDF format. You can fill in this form directly on your PC and save it if required. Please print out the completed form and sign it.

Ombudsman scheme

You can find more information concerning the ombudsman here on the website of association of German Banks.