The brand Postbank

Postbank has epitomised security and trust in the field of financial services since 1909. With an aided awareness level of almost 100%, it is now one of the most well-known banking brands in Germany.

Postbank stands for simple, low-priced and fair products. It is characterised by its reliability and outstanding reachability across all channels. Upon request, customers can be informed and advised by one of around 3,000 mobile financial advisers, and can purchase products and conduct their banking as required, either at the branches, online, by telephone or even from home. Postbank's proximity to its customers and the brand confidence built up over the years pay off even during difficult periods. Postbank is regarded as a trustworthy private bank, which is supported by both surveys as well as by numerous awards.

The Corporate Design

Since contents are easier to understand when they are presented in a simple and concise way, clarity is the basic principle of the Postbank corporate design. The corporate design communicates the visual philosophy, the common denominator and the common identity of all Postbank activities internally and externally. The corporate design of Postbank covers all visual forms of appearance of the company, its services and products.

The basic elements of the corporate design are the Postbank logo, the blue and yellow corporate colours and the Frutiger corporate font.

The Logo

Brand Postbank - The Corporate Design - The Logo

The Postbank logo with its three sails has been the bank's visual symbol of recognition for many years. It stands for dynamics and development of the company.

The Corporate Colours

Brand Postbank - The Corporate Design - The Corporate Colours

The blue-yellow colour combination sets Postbank apart from all competitors. Postbank combines the fresh signal colour yellow with a blue that radiates calmness and competence. As a common colour in the banking sector, blue stands for a high level of financial competence. Tracing its tradition back to more than 100 years, the yellow symbolises the origin of Postbank.

The Corporate Font

The corporate font was designed by the font designer Adrian Frutiger for the signage of the Parisian Charles de Gaulle Airport as of 1969. It is an easy-to-read font with an informative character that complements the identity of Postbank excellently.

Brand Postbank - The Corporate Design - The Corporate Font

The Corporate Sound

Since 2009, the Postbank brand has had a corporate sound. It is used in various channels and media, in addition to TV ads, in radio advertising, in telephone communication or at events. Postbank thereby differentiates itself even more from the competition and extends the brand by emotional aspects.

These corporate design base elements combine to form a convincing, logical and powerful design concept, which makes the Postbank brand and its messages comprehensible and tangible across all forms of media.

A Bank for Life – The Postbank Campaign

The aim of the campaign is to change the perception of the Postbank brand: from a bank traditionally characterised by the branch network to a bank that combines the personal aspects of branch banking with innovative leadership with its online business. This unique Postbank feature of being close to the customer both face-to-face and online is the main theme of the campaign.

The central campaign element is the key visual "Yellow Bank". It is the symbol for Postbank supporting its customers in their lives, integrating itself fully into individual life situations and always being there when its customers need them.

The other elements are

  • the headline mechanism with customer benefit accompanied by "my" and "bank".
  • the visual world, which shows real people in everyday situations
  • the brand claim "A bank for life", in which Postbank's positioning is consolidated
  • the blue communication area for product details and the yellow area for the Postbank dispatcher