The Postbank

One of Germany's largest banks for private customers

With a balance sheet total amounting to €144 billion and 18,000 employees Postbank Group is one of Germany's largest financial service providers. It focuses on business with private customers and with small and medium-sized companies.

Private customers

Postbank offers its private customers simple, low-cost products for their daily needs. The products offered range from payment transactions and deposit and lending business to bonds, investment funds, insurance policies and home savings contracts.

Postbank is easily accessible for its customers at its branches, online or by telephone. It has the most dense branch network of any bank in Germany. At its own over 1,000 branches, it offers extensive financial services as well as postal services. In addition, there are over 4,300 Deutsche Post partner branches where selected Postbank financial services are available, as well as 700 Postbank Financial advisory centers. 3,000 mobile advisors support Postbank’s customers, particularly with mortgages and retirement provisions.

In online and telephone banking, Postbank boasts a leading position in Germany. A total of 9,1 million customer accounts are activated for online banking. And 9 million customer accounts can be accessed via telephone banking. This direct trend is still on the rise.

Business and corporate clients

About 300,000 companies in Germany are Postbank customers. In the area of business clients, it supports self-employed professionals, freelancers, business proprietors, associations and condominium owners’ associations. It offers them simple and attractive solutions covering the major requirements with regard to payment transactions, financing, investment and provisions.

In business with its corporate clients, Postbank draws on its core competencies, offering solutions for payment transactions, commercial real estate financing, traditional corporate financing for SMEs, factoring and leasing, and investment management. PB Firmenkunden AG, a Postbank Group company, supports Postbank's corporate clients in person and by telephone.