Postbank mobile Homepage available immediately

Optimized for smartphones / a wide range of functions and emergency service

Press release of Nov. 04, 2011

Postbank has improved its website for smartphone users. Effective immediately, customers who visit Postbank's homepage on their cell phones will find a user interface optimized for the size of their device - independent of operating system e.g. Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian. The mobile website thus offers enhanced access to banking on smartphones. The start page features a simple set of buttons. Via their touch screen, customers can use these to reach further services and functions that go beyond classic mobile banking and what is generally available in the sector right now.

Cell Phone Use is a Growing Trend

Mobile Website
Postbank with mobile Homepage

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Mobile websites are becoming ever more important, because they are effectively “apps for everyone”. They offer all smartphone users the same ease of use, irrespective of operating system and app stores. The customers benefit from new, useful functions, better service, simpler navigation and an innovative design. Postbank has also integrated tried-and-tested features. For example, the ATM finder is particularly popular, which shows customers their closest source of cash. Today, this function is used more often on a cell phone than over the Internet.


Functions of the Mobile Homepage

Startbildschirm der mobilen Website
The start page is clearly structured

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The start page is clearly structured. As well as product offers and the classic mobile banking and brokerage, customers can arrange their favorite functions in their own personalizable area. These include, for example, practical applications such as a currency calculator or a countdown timer that alerts the customer to the next happy hour.
With the emergency service, customers can find all the essential information, such as telephone numbers for blocking cards or advice on the loss of identification documents. And they can dial all emergency telephone numbers at home and abroad with one click. Setting up consultation appointments while on the move or contacting Postbank directly by telephone or e-mail – the customer can do all of this with the service tool.

Leading Role in Germany
The development of a completely new mobile website is the logical consequence of increased customer use and the positive experience that Postbank has had so far. Postbank focused early on account management via cell phones. It took a leading role in mobile banking in Germany as early as 2004. In November 2007 it brought the first banking app to the market, which was available at the same time as the iPhone was introduced in Germany. The update 3.0 for the “iPostbank” iPhone app will be released soon. This app is in the top 10 most downloaded finance apps in the App Store with around 230,000 downloads. Postbank is currently working on an app for Android smartphones, which is set to go live in a few months. More information can be found at www.postbank.de/iPostbank (only available in german).

At the moment customers can still access the mobile homepage directly at m.postbank.de. In future they can simply go to www.postbank.de on their cell phone - they will then be taken automatically to the mobile homepage.


Jürgen Ebert
Press officer